How to play Call Break card game online?


A call break, one of the most famous online games of cards, involves using tricks, trump, and the making of bids. Popularly known as Call Bridge, the game is widely admired in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. The Call break card gameplayonline is more or less similar to that of  Spades. This brain-teasing ploy game can foster your memory, mental abilities, and logical skills.

Steps to play this great online game:

Call break card game play online is played using a standard international deck of normal 52 cards.  The total number of rounds is 5, with players getting thirteen cards each. It’s easy and simple, as the players start to bet one by one. The player with the best score in the last round wins the game.

Deal & Trick

The game is generally played counterclockwise. The first dealer is selected haphazardly and after each round, the deal passes to the right. By default, Spades is declared as trump and it cannot be changed.

The first track begins with the dealer’s right and successively, winner of each trick leads to the next. The player having the highest spade can win the trick or if there is no spade, the player of the highest card of the suit can win the trick.


To succeed, the player must win equal or more than the no. of tricks called. The no. is added to the score if the player succeeds and if not, it is subtracted.

Call break card game online is what you need to play today!

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